Retro Phone Journey, Part 7: First Serious Failure


Weeks into using my brand-new Alcatel Go Flip 4, I finally hit a real problem.


I was playing phone tag with a credit union trying to refinance a loan. Very important communication. The phone tag situation was caused mainly by the holiday season messing with availability--I'm not blaming my phone for that. Eventually, I had a time scheduled for a call, and a loan officer called me, and I answered, and...BOOM, the phone crashed and reset itself. While it was resetting itself, the loan officer tried to call me back and of course was sent to my voice mail. A short while later, she called back and we managed to take care of business, but I did notice that occasionally the sound quality in my earpiece got weird.


On another note, after the reset, some of my settings were changed, like my wallpaper was gone. (I'm not sure yet what other settings have been lost.)


Maybe it was the Bluetooth driver, maybe it was something more basic. I don't know, and I don't especially care, because I wasn't doing anything really weird with my phone. (I haven't even tried hacking it yet!) The main reason I have a phone is for texting and calling. If I can't reliably make and receive calls, I'd rather not waste money on a phone (smart, dumb, whatever) at all. I can't remember a phone crashing on me during a call before.


I'm not immediately scrapping the phone over this. Maybe it was a one-time problem. Maybe my Plantronics earpiece is not a good match for my phone. However, if I do find that this phone is fundamentally unreliable for calls, I will probably have to go back to an Android phone.


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